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"The moment I met Svietliy, my life changed forever.
The amount of magic and growth I've experienced since my first ceremony is beyond words. I am more myself, more aligned, and shining brighter than ever. Svietliy is my friend, he is my teacher, he is and will be a pillar of strength and support in my life. Everything about working with Svietliy is magic. It's that unspeakable, indescribable magic that you just have to experience for yourself to believe, and anyone who's worked with him knows exactly what I'm talking about."

- Anna Wood, Professional Speaker and Coach (@iamannawood)


"I have been seeing Svietliy in Sacred Tattoo ceremonies for 5 years now.

I have sat in 6 ceremonies and have scheduled my 7th. As I look at my body, and reflect on what each of these symbols mean to me, how they represent not only deep aspects of myself, but also the journey I have been on in this physical form to reclaim spiritual sovereignty, I am humbled by the beauty and innate articulation Svietliy has created simply by listening to my story, my feelings, my desires, and my fears. It is as if he sees through me, into the design and essence of my inner most Being and truest nature beyond form.

With each tattoo, I experience transformation beyond explanation. As a result of this process, I have become a front row witness to the inextricable connection between our inner and outer reality. They are undeniably one and the same. Svietliy and each Sak Yant tattoo, has served as a teacher and a guide as I have unraveled and reordered my mind to mirror my soul’s blueprint and heart’s purpose. I am woven into the fabric of the divine. What a gift it is to wear my soul so delicately on my skin. No matter how many layers I shed as I evolve, these symbols remain as the reminder of who I came here to be. I will choose her, again and again.

Thank you Svietliy, for helping to bring my wild woman to Life. She has called me all the way Home."

-Brittney Taggart, Indigo, Writer (@womanbewild)


"Over a 90 minute video session, Master Svietliy shifted my lack of clarity into a meaningful perspective on both my personal life and my professional career.

He asked powerful questions and listened with compassion and understanding. Through his unique process, my intentions were illuminated and aligned to my truth. His beautiful art work became a sacred semblance of our conversation. Master Svietliy is truly one of a kind as he connects you back to your heart and soul."

-Kevin Thomas Chen (@kevinthomaschen)


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