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Personal Sacred Symbol Creation

Matboard, Mixed Media, 14"x11" (36cm*28cm)

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In order to create and bestow these Sacred works of art for yourself, your home, or your loved ones, you will need to have an open conversation with Master Svietliy. This is best done in a personal visit or video chat, but if neither is possible for you, it can also be done through email.

The day of your visit or call, you and Master Svietliy will begin by connecting in a conversation and meditation to align on the symbology that will infuse your tattoo with the perfect energy or power. This will be channeled through you by Master Svietliy. During that process, you will deepen your connection with yourself which will allow you to discover your most intimate aspirations, goals, desires, challenges, and fears. This will enable Master Svietliy to understand and feel your sacred intentions, so he can begin to build your personal, unique, and profoundly meaningful Yantra or Thangka artwork which will support you on your journey throughout your life.

Shortly after your conversation with Master Svietliy, your Sacred Art will be drawn and shipped to by mail. You may also pick it up from Master Svietliy yourself. Should you decide, your Yantra can also be tattooed on your skin in a sacred tattoo ceremony.

Please, learn more about Sacred, Intentional, Meditational Art here.

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