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Svietliy's Divine Connections Gathering - 10/1/2022

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Svietliy's Divine Connections Gathering - 10/1/2022

Svietliy’s Divine Connections Gathering created by Master Svietliy was a specially curated experience created for those who are on their path of spiritual development and have received a sacred Sak Yant ceremony by Master Svietliy himself.

Guests ranged from vast diverse vocational, ethnic, and thought backgrounds, many of whom traveled to Los Angeles from far distances over the continental United States. This exclusive, intentional gathering was filled with collaboration, joy, and authentic connection to create fertile soil, rich in love for long-lasting relationships.

The evening commenced with a powerfully grounding group meditation guided by Master Svietliy, followed by an uplifting and etheric sound bath co-facilitated by Angel Sound Healing, Love Deepa and Master Svietliy. Attendees communed, exchanged stories and the room was filled with laughter and delight.

Many of these special guests contributed a piece of their heart to this experience with offerings of homemade plant-based meals and natural tea blends, handcrafted botanical oils and body salves, vast arrays of flowers and exotic fruits. This was an unforgettable experience that nourished everyone's mind, body, and soul. It is with much excitement and anticipation to announce the continuation of the Divine Connections event in the near future.


  • Alisia


  • Master Svietliy

    Was such a great pleasure to Connect all these beautiful people! Already looking forward for the next one!🤍🙏

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