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Svietliy's Divine Connections Gathering - 11/12/2022

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Svietliy's Divine Connections Gathering - 11/12/2022

Svietliy’s Divine Connections Gathering has returned for a second time! 

On November 12, 2022,  a small group gathered to enjoy delicious, hand-picked foods, desserts, flowers, oils and teas while celebrating gratitude for one another and the sacred space for which we were in. During the evening we sat in connected, deep conversation, had the most delicious meal, and shared a beautiful and very funny, new meditation led by Master Svietliy.


We have decided to recreate the look and feel of our gatherings. This time we limited the space to 20 people. With a smaller group, all were better able to deeply connect and converse with each other in a way that not everyone was able to last time due to the large number of people and volume of the room. 

Rather than hosting a party style gathering, we are looking to curate an event where we can have deep conversations with one another, not just surface level introductions. In the future we hope to find a perfect space to hold a larger group with this same effect and feel. Until then, we will make all events a first come, first serve reservation to keep this as open and fair as possible. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas you may have regarding these gatherings. 

We hope to see you at our future gatherings!

With love,

Svietliy and Team


  • Justin Loeser

    Please invite me to the next one! I was at the first one and loved it!!!

  • Davina Joy

    Any idea yet of when the next one will be?
    I’m looking forward to attending ✨🙏🏽🤍
    Hari Om

  • Jane and jp

    We would love to participate one day . All about timing !

  • Vanessa

    I would love to be a part of future gatherings with you all! My first sacred ceremony was 3 weeks ago, and I look forward to more, and it would be so special to connect with those of you who have also experienced Svietliy’s blessings! Hoping you decide to hold one in Santa Barbara, but I would make the journey to LA happily :)

  • Liza Zamora

    Hi. I would love to be invited to and participate in one of these gatherings. My three ceremonies with Svietliy have been magical and I’d welcome sharing time with like minded humans. Thank you.

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