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Sak Yant Ceremony Integration


Master Svietliy and his client, Sol, showing off a new full back yantra

A Sak Yant Tattoo Ceremony is a sacred and expansive experience. You will notice in the weeks and months immediately following your appointment, that your life in the physical world will shift dramatically as you begin to energetically align more and more with your intentions, desires, and prayers that were instilled into your sacred tattoo. 

You have been literally and metaphysically woven into the geometric structure of the universe. This is a complete repatterning and restructuring of your reality and experience. It is no small thing and the integration of your Sak Yant Tattoo is arguably the most important aspect of the entire ceremonial experience.

Your tattoo has been hand-poked into what is called the sacred body, or the energetic layer of the body. Because of this, you are now permanently connected to the collective consciousness, or the Tulpa of the symbols that were specifically chosen and designed for you based on what you are manifesting and creating in your life in this Now moment.  

The massively transformational and influential power of these symbols and tattoos comes from the combination of Master Svietliy’s love and energy, the energy of the connection to the Tulpa of your symbol(s), and the energy of your prayers at the time of receiving the tattoo. 

It is not the shape of the symbol itself that holds power, rather, it is the synergy of the energetic intentions that have been accumulated in thought form by the collective mind throughout all time and space. 

The intangible and multi-dimensional intelligence and synergy of all high vibrational beings throughout the cosmos who have ever blessed or used these symbols, is now sewn into your sacred body. 

You were also imbued with a 24k Gold Leaf Blessing during your Sak Yant Tattoo Ceremony. Only an initiated person can perform this ritual to bless people in this way. The 24k gold leaf blesses the ceremonial process, the person, and the energy centers that are being worked with. After the tattoo itself is complete, the gold leaf is used to bless the yantra, sacred symbols, and to close the ceremony. The gold leaf is temporary on the skin, but the blessings and prayers last lifetimes.

24k Gold leaf and DanYee red strings from all ceremonies in the synergy bowl

At the close of your ceremony, a red string was blessed and wrapped around your wrist to serve as a blessing and reminder to continue with the commitments and intentions that you’ve put in place during your ceremony. This is called a DanYee and it symbolizes the Divine umbilical cord to your ceremony. It is to be worn for at least the 66 days immediately following the ceremony, or longer if you so desire. Some find that when their DanYee red string falls off naturally, that it marks the right time to get another Sak Yant Sung. Although, you do not need to wait until the DanYee separates from you to get another Sak Yant Sung, just 66 days to integrate your newest one.

It is crucial for you to understand the importance of the lineage and consistency of the Sak Yant Tattoo ritual, as well as the proper utilization of these symbols. This is what gives them their potency and their power, thereby blessing your life as the receiver and the wearer. 

Part of the honoring of this ritual is adhering to specific energetic guidelines for the 66 days following your ceremony. 66 days is the amount of time that the sacred body needs to fully heal and renew itself in order to fully and masterfully integrate this experience. The sacred body is one of the many layers of our multi-dimensional being. We are aware of the physical body, the emotional body, mental body, the aura, and the sacred body, which is closest to Spirit. Each of these bodies require different lengths of time and conditions for purification and healing. 66 days allows for the sacred body to fully regenerate. 

The energetic guidelines for the 66 day integration period places your body, mind, and spirit in a state of no harm to self, or others. This is a state of purity that allows your energetic field to balance and sustain a high frequency. 

It is widely agreed upon that it takes 2-3 months to form new or break old habits in our lives. The 66 days fall within this time frame, allowing us to release the old and replace with new. This may be felt as a conscious cycle of death and rebirth.

Let the space of the next 66 days be as pure and focused on your Yantra as possible.

Abstain from casual sex and wait to participate in plant medicine ceremonies, or other energetically opening and mind-altering experiences. It is also recommended that you do not receive another tattoo during this 66 day period. These things can interfere with the healing process, weaken the powerful effects of your Yantra and make it far more challenging to establish and integrate the full expression and embodiment of your Sak Yant transformation and rebirth.

A client with her new yantra displayed beautifully on her back.

It is highly advised to begin each day mindfully in stillness and meditation. Journal each day about how you are feeling and what you are noticing arise and fall from your daily life. Bring awareness and compassion to the emotions you feel and process during this time. Treat yourself gently and nourish yourself with lots of clean foods and water, movement and embodiment practices, time in nature, and anything else that feels like radical self care.

You are creating and birthing a new version of yourself. Be gentle with yourself during this time and show up. Totally, fully, wholly, completely. You will never get this time back.

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