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Sak Yant Ceremony Preparation

A client with their offering for their Sak Yant Ceremony receiving a blessing.

Before your ceremonial tattoo, to ensure that you are prepped and ready to receive this energetic offering, it is recommended that you follow these steps so that you are feeling in your optimum energy while meeting with Master Svietliy.

At least 3 days before your ceremony, prepare yourself by:

  • Eating a clean, plant-based diet and refrain from all meat and animal products (i.e. taking life).
  • Protect your energy by refraining from taking what is not freely given (i.e. theft).
  • Begin to channel your own creative energy by refraining from misuse of the senses (i.e. sexual-misconduct, overindulgence in sex, or committing sexual offenses).
  • Quiet your mind and refrain from wrongful speech (i.e. lying or gossiping).
  • Clear your body of intoxicants that cloud the mind (i.e. drugs or alcohol).
  • Practice good hygiene - showering beforehand is recommended.

Please plan ahead to bring an energetic offering such as fruit or incense. You may also bring any sacred items such as crystals or statuettes to have them blessed during your session.

Angel Sound with her new invisible ink yantra.