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Shakyamuni Buddha Head

Terracotta, 24K Gold, 16"(40cm)

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Confidence, Awareness, Wisdom, Compassion, & Concentration in Meditative Practices.

This Statue:

This stunning, massive, 24-karat gold-leaf plated terracotta statue depicts the Head of Buddha Shakyamuni. Brought to life by Master Svietliy, this is not just a beautiful decoration but a very powerful tool for meditative practices. The owner will find it helps to increase focus, awareness, and compassion in their day-to-day life. The statue was ceremonially imbued with the Spirit of Enlightenment by means of a ritual consecration ceremony, rab gas. This Sacred Art Piece has been presented in The Tongdrol Exhibition in Los Angeles, CA in 2019 and now is patiently waiting on Svietliy's Altar to bless You and your home.

Dimensions: 10"l x 9"w x 16"h

More about Head of Buddha Shakyamuni:

The word Buddha means, The One with an Awakened Mind. It was drawn from the Sanskrit word Buddhi, which means Mind. Additionally, the word Shakyamuni means, The Great Sage of Sakya.

 Buddha is depicted in various Asanas or postures, holding different Mudras, with the body always representing different physical activities that support the “Enlightened Head.” The body is always in support of the head because it holds the secrets of meditative practices for Awakening and Enlightenment. 

To a layperson, Buddha’s head is the embodiment of confidence, awareness, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. It resonates calmness, self-control, and infinite meditative concentration. 

Commonly, the Head of the Venerable Sage Buddha is depicted with a sweet, kind, friendly demeanor with a round, bright, youthful, charming face that radiates eternal inner happiness and reflects wisdom and compassion. However, there is always much more within transcendental and mystic notes. Tongdrol, a Tibetan word that translates to mean Liberation by Sight, implies that a person who sees a perfect Buddha has the seed of Enlightenment placed in their heart.

Buddha Shakyamuni Mantra: OM-MUNI-MUNI-MAHA-MUNIYE-SOHA

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