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The Elephant of Queen Maya - Original Artwork

Matboard, Mixed Media, 20”x16" (51cm*41cm)

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The Elephant of Queen Maya bestows serene wisdom and nurtures the seeds of enlightenment. It is an symbol of the potential within each individual for profound spiritual growth and awakening.

This Artwork:

Master Svietliy's creation, "The Elephant of Queen Maya," stands as a sacred beacon of introspection and enlightenment. This artwork encapsulates the symbolic vision of Queen Maya, who dreamt of a great white elephant bestowing the lotus flower, signifying the auspicious birth of the Buddha.

Enshrined within the golden geometries of the universe, the elephant bears the Padma lotus, a testament to the purity and expansive consciousness that arises from life's murky challenges. This artwork, with its harmonious blend of symbols, mirrors the balance of strength and grace, encouraging the onlooker to embrace a journey of inner truth and peace.

"The Elephant of Queen Maya" beckons contemplators to a state of mindfulness, evoking a sense of tranquility and spiritual awakening. It holds a space of reverence, aligning with the silent teachings of the enlightened ones, guiding observers to a path of insight and liberation.


Om Mani Padme Hum Siddhartha Gajendra

Chanting this mantra while in contemplation with the artwork invites a harmonic convergence of the mind's vast potential with the heart's purity. It is a meditative key to unlock the latent wisdom akin to Siddhartha's, supported by the dignified strength embodied by the elephant, Gajendra, leading to a profound inner harmony and enlightenment.

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