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Woman Be Wild: The Path To Feminine (Ebook)


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Indigo is a writer, author, and speaker from the Utah desert and is known for reforming repressive cultural ideas surrounding feminine nature and sexuality. She awakens her readers as she urges them to pursue the path of feminine freedom by returning to their Wild Nature. This book revolutionises the way women live their lives as it teaches them to embody and embrace who they really are.

She describes this book as a labor of love. It represents her personal journey, a deep dive inward. Inside she tells how it took nine months to write and ten years to gain the experience necessary to write it. She believes that there comes a point in all of our lives when we need to stop reading other people’s books and write our own.

Because of this experience, Indigo feels that books choose their authors long before the author knows what to write. This book prepared her, refined her, and nurtured her for a long time before it allowed her to write it. Authors are simply vessels in need of fine-tuning before they can become a channel to bring what is needed into the world. Before books can be opened, authors need to open. She describes how she broke open one small crack at a time. The more she opened, the more acquainted she became with the voice that had been waiting to speak through her. The more she opened, the more access she gained to a power greater than she'd ever previously known.

This book teaches you how to open. It is a guide back to the truest version of yourself. It will lead you down a path that opens you to the higher power within so that you too can become a vessel of love, light, and truth for this world.

Woman Be Wild is a journey of feminine awakening, empowerment, and freedom. It dissolves the shaming of sex by exploring the dyer consequences of cultural conditioning and feminine suppression.

The text explains that in order to embody our divine feminine, we must un-define what it means to be a woman and free women to express themselves fully, diversely, and authentically so they can embrace who they really are and reclaim their Wild, feminine power.

Indigo will gently guide and inspire you to step into your power and fully embrace the feminine life-force you have always been so that you may choose a life of freedom; so that you will remember what it means to be Wild.