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Yab-Yum - Wisdom And Compassion

Matboard, Mixed Media, 14"x11" (36cm*28cm)

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Alertness, Chakra Alignment, Balance, Intimacy, and Divine Union.

More about Yab-Yum:

Yab-yum in Tibetan is translated literally as, "father-mother." It is a common symbol throughout Buddhist traditions. Yab-Yum represents the masculine and feminine union of wisdom and compassion, as depicted by a male and female deity. The male figure represents compassion and skill, while the female partner represents wisdom and insight. Both are necessary for enlightenment. In the Yab-Yum posture, the female is seated on the male’s lap. There is a rare presentation of a similar figure but reversed, with the male sitting on the female’s lap, called Yum-Yab.

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