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Personal Sacred Symbols, Yantra, Tibetan Thangka, Sculpture and other sacred works of art by created by Master Svietliy are exhibited and sold all around the world.

Occasionally, these sacred works of art are used as objects of deep focus and concentration to deepen meditation. The effects of both the art and a meditation practice result in the joining of the body, mind and spirit.


Yantra designs are infinite. Yantras are complex combinations of sacred geometrical symbols, animals, and deity designs. They are accompanied by Kata (incantations) that represent, manifest, and store the intentions of a bearer to assist in the fulfillment of the bearer’s most intimate aspirations, goals, and desires. Yantra is a type of universal program. It can be compared to a machine that generates our fractal world. For thousands of years, Yantras have been used as tools for awakening higher states of consciousness. The visual form of the Yantra is an external representation of an inner process of spiritual unfolding. It is the hidden music of the Universe made visible. Yantra is the language that allows us to speak to the Universe. On each step of our journey, new Yantras are used depending on our present intentions.


Thangka is a Tibetan (Vajrayana/Tantrayana) Buddhist painting usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. In Buddhist Sacred art, correct measurements are of utmost importance, which is why Sacred Geometry is required for its creation. Geometrical grids were developed over many centuries from both Sutra and Tantra traditions to aid in the creation of Thangka. A person who sees a perfect Buddha, has the seed of Enlightenment placed in their heart. In Tibetan, this is called Tongdrol, or Liberation by Sight. 

Yantra and Thangka are both sacred, intentional artworks.

The sacred symbols used in each Yantra, as well as the deities in Thangka, represent intimate, soulful intentions. These intentions give meaning to the sacred art work. For thousands of years, people have  performed sacred rituals incorporating these artworks, which vary depending on tradition, culture, religion. Rituals include praying, chanting, meditating, dancing, and offerings. Though the rituals are unique to each culture and tradition, the common thread in all rituals, is that the process allows people to grow and manifest through their sacred intentions. The use of these sacred symbols harbor their sacred intentions so they can experience the positive influence and impact of their intention long after the ritual is performed.



Each symbol is connected to a "Thoughtform" or "collective group mind" that we call Tulpa (Wylie: sprul-pa; Sanskrit: nirmita and nirmāṇa) or modern Egregore. It is the place where intention is linked to the symbol and stored within its power. This is powerful because properly chosen Sacred Symbols allow people to not only experience the positive energy of their own intention, but a collective synergy of similar intentions stored and manifested by thousands of other people across time and space.

Yantra and Thangka can be used to offer power, protection, fortune, charisma, and other benefits to the individual bearer, revealing potential, and step-by-step support and guidance on the Path to Enlightenment.

It can help you deepen in any religious or spiritual practice that you choose. The bearer can expect personal progression in sports performance, business growth, career opportunity, and can even receive help deepening relationships with self and others. 


The primary reasons why Tibetan Thangka patrons request the painting of a thangka are: the desire to connect to a particular religious practice through a sacred image, the need to improve health, or during a death in the family (used for propelling the soul to a happy rebirth). In Thangka, there is an important connection between the deity designated for portrayal and the desired result. Tara, for instance, was effective in removing obstacles and granting protection, while Amitayus bestows long life.

Another important aspect of intentional artwork, Sacred Symbols, and Yantra, is Visual Text.

It is a form of personal interaction with a visual expression of the artwork. In Yantra we veil simple sacred symbols to protect the privacy and sacredness of the bearer’s intentions from others. For a non-initiated person, it is almost impossible to “read” a yantra as a Visual Text. Most Buddhist art functions as rten (“support”). The majority of Thangkas are rten, along with sacred statues, stupas, and scriptures. For a sacred object to fully function as rten it has to be ceremonially imbued with the spirit of enlightenment by means of a ritual consecration ceremony (rab gas). Paintings that depict the bodily forms of enlightened beings are considered to be sku rten (“body supports”).

In order to create and bestow these Sacred works of art for yourself, your home, or your loved ones, you will need to have an open conversation with Master Svietliy. This is best done in a personal visit or video chat, but if neither is possible for you, it can also be done through email.

The day of your visit or call, you and Master Svietliy will begin by connecting in a conversation and meditation to align on the symbology that will infuse your tattoo with the perfect energy or power. This will be channeled through you by Master Svietliy. During that process, you will deepen your connection with yourself which will allow you to discover your most intimate aspirations, goals, desires, challenges, and fears. This will enable Master Svietliy to understand and feel your sacred intentions, so he can begin to build your personal, unique, and profoundly meaningful Yantra or Thangka artwork which will support you on your journey throughout your life.

Shortly after your conversation with Master Svietliy, your Sacred Art will be drawn and shipped to you by mail. You may also pick it up from Master Svietliy yourself.

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