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Sak Yant Sung Tattoos are believed to bestow the bearer with a special blessing to support their intentions and assist them in their journey as they consciously create their own life.

Sacred Tattoos were practiced as a ritual for hundreds of years, giving both protection and enchantment to the recipient, depending on their intentions. Ajarn, a wise Master in Thailand, studied for years to understand the complexity and spirituality of sacred symbolism, mantras, and ancient incantations as he perfected his craft, the spiritual practice of Sak Yant tattooing. 

Sak Yant is a non-religious practice. Similar to a personal Yoga practice, Yantra in a form of Sak Yant tattooing or even artwork, can help you improve in any religious or spiritual practice that you choose.

Sak Yant assists the bearer in a variety of ways. The bearer can expect personal progression in sports performance, business growth, career opportunity, and can even receive help deepening relationships with self and others.

Yantra designs are infinite.

Each is made especially for the bearer and has its own special charms and spells to assist in the fulfillment of the bearer’s intention and purpose. The visual yantra design is an external representation of the inner spiritual unfolding of the most intimate intentions of the bearer.


Note: If you're not ready to get a tattoo, you may always request Your Personal Sacred Symbol creation and receive it as an Artwork! Explore more...  

Please come with an open mind and an open heart.

The day of your visit, you and Master Svietliy will begin by connecting in a safe and sacred space for your sacred tattoo ceremony. Together, you will meditate to align on the symbology that will infuse your tattoo with a perfect energy or power. This will be channeled through you by Master Svietliy.

During a conversation and meditation, you will deepen your connection with yourself which will allow you to discover your most intimate aspirations, goals, desires, challenges, and fears. This will enable Master Svietliy to understand your sacred intentions and identify what is most important to you and for you as you take the next steps on your path. If needed, Master Svietliy will provide a brief history of the Yantras, as he builds your personal, unique, and profoundly meaningful design; the yantra which will support you on your journey through life.

At least 3 days before your Ceremony, prepare yourself by:

– Eating a plant based diet. Refrain from all meats and animal products (i.e. taking life).

– Protect your energy by refraining from taking what is not freely given (i.e. theft).

– Begin to channel your own creative energy by refraining from misuse of the senses (i.e. sexual–misconduct, overindulgence in sex, or committing sexual offenses).

– Quiet your mind and refrain from wrongful speech (i.e. lying or gossiping).

– Clear your body of intoxicants that cloud the mind (i.e. drugs or alcohol).


You will be advised to follow these Five Precepts after your ceremony as well.


If you have symbols in mind that you would like to incorporate into your yantra, please make sure to mention it to Master Svietliy. Even though there is a very little chance of not feeling a deep connection to your Yantra and the wise recommendations of the Master, your opinion will always be final. You will never be tattooed with a symbol that does not deeply resonate.

Color and Placement:

You will be advised by Master Svietliy on the color and physical placement of your Yantra. This will also be dependent upon your intentions. You will be included in an open discussion about the color and placement of your yantra that will be tattooed. Available yantra tattoo colors are: BLACK, RED, BROWN, WHITE, & INVISIBLE. 


Even though this is an ancient practice and ritual, the highest levels of hygiene corresponding with Assembly Bill (AB) 300, the Safe Body Art Act of Los Angeles County, are ensured. New disposable needles, ink caps, wipes, gloves and all other supplies are used for each guest. All inks are commercial and sterile (NO Blood, Bile or Urine). Invisible Yantras will be tattooed with Sterile Grape Seed Oil.

I never thought I would tattoo my body, but this process makes sense. It makes sense to commit to an intention so fiercely, that you make it a part of you. This process has enhanced my ability to set clear, strong intentions and has enabled me to create a life of my own design by fully embracing who I am.

Brittney Taggart, Writer

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