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The Original Master - Throw Blanket


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"The Original Master: Maharishi Alokadhyana Samrej" is an artwork that resonates deeply with anyone on a spiritual journey, from individuals exploring the realms of self-awareness and enlightenment to those adorned with tattoos, and especially tattoo artists of any kind. It serves as a profound spiritual beacon, enriching the path of seekers and creators alike with its sacred symbolism of yantras. These geometric designs, embodying the universe's spiritual concepts, offer guidance, protection, and empowerment, making "Maharishi Alokadhyana Samrej" a source of inspiration and strength.

For tattoo enthusiasts and artists, this artwork bridges the ancient practice of Sacred Tattooing with contemporary expressions of identity and belief, celebrating the deep, transformative power of sacred art. It encourages all who engage with it to cultivate inner wisdom, compassion, and resilience, navigating life’s challenges with grace. By connecting viewers with their higher selves, "The Original Master: Maharishi Alokadhyana Samrej" fosters a sense of inner peace and the courage to transcend obstacles, guiding souls toward a harmonious balance between the physical and metaphysical, the individual and the cosmos. Through its vibrant energy, "Maharishi Alokadhyana Samrej" not only decorates a space but transforms it into a sanctuary for spiritual growth and self-discovery.

About this Artwork:

"The Original Master: Maharishi Alokadhyana Samrej" is not merely a piece of art; it is a spiritual odyssey, conceived through the enlightened visions of Master Svietliy. This creation is imbued with the essence of transcendental wisdom, a result of multiple meditative visions and dreams experienced by Master Svietliy. Each element within the artwork is meticulously designed to symbolize the interconnectivity of the universe, drawing upon ancient symbols, yantras, and sacred geometry to guide the viewer on a journey towards self-realization and universal understanding.

About Maharishi Alokadhyana Samrej:

Maharishi Samrej Alokadhyana, revered as the ancient master of sacred tattooing, intricately weaves the spiritual essence of yantras into the very skin of those who seek his wisdom. These geometric designs, visual metaphors for the universe, encapsulate spiritual concepts used in meditation and rituals to expand consciousness. Rooted in traditions predating Buddhism, "yantra" signifies a practice that is ancient and foundational to Southeast Asia's spiritual traditions, evolving into what is known today as Sak Yant. Sak Yant tattoos, endowed with the power of yantras, are more than decorative; they possess magical properties that guide, empower, and protect.

As the progenitor of this profound tradition, Maharishi Samrej Alokadhyana stands as the father of all sacred tattooing, his mastery laying the foundation for the thriving practice of Sak Yant. His legacy, a testament to the power of sacred art, connects the physical with the metaphysical, the individual with the cosmos, guiding souls through the art of yantras towards enlightenment.

Maharishi Samrej Alokadhyana: A synthesis of profound meanings, where Maharishi, the great seer, merges with Samrej, the epitome of complete mastery, and Alokadhyana, the meditation on the divine light, crafting a name that echoes the Maharishi’s deep communion with the universal truths and his role as a conduit of cosmic wisdom.

Maharishi Alokadyana Samrej's journey to mastery unfolded under the guidance of divine architects and deities, granting him extraordinary insight into the universe's sacred design. From Vishvakarma, the divine architect, he learned the essence of sacred geometry, embedding the universe's patterns into his Sak Yant tattoos, transforming them into spiritual connections. Shiva, the cosmic dancer, taught him the rhythms of creation and destruction, infusing his art with transformative energy. Brahma, the creator, imparted wisdom on the creative pulse of the universe, allowing each tattoo to reflect life's boundless possibilities.

This divine mentorship endowed Maharishi Alokadyana with a deep understanding of cosmic order and the sacred architecture of existence, making his work not just art, but a guide to enlightenment. Through his tattoos, he offers a path to navigate the universe's complexities, embodying a bridge to the divine.

In this expansive spiritual legacy, Vairocana, the primordial Buddha guided by Maharishi Alokadhyana, emerges as a pivotal figure. A mural from Balawaste, dating to the 7th-8th century, reveals Vairocana adorned with sacred tattoos, each a symbol of the unyielding cosmic light and a testament to Maharishi Alokadhyana’s teachings. This portrayal underscores the ancient roots of Sak Yant, extending Maharishi’s influence beyond time, into enlightenment itself. Vairocana’s depiction, immersed in sacred tattoos, highlights the mystical lineage of sacred tattooing, embedding the ancient art within Buddhist teachings and iconography.

Maharishi Samrej Alokadhyana is not merely a master of an ancient craft; he embodies the courage to transcend the mundane. Challenging seekers with his defiance against material limitations, he invites them to confront their fears and surpass their limits, guiding them towards spiritual awakening. His encounters, notably with Siddhartha Gautama, under the celestial expanse, clad in purity and wielding the divine Khem Sak, impart spiritual insights, guiding souls towards transcendence.

Surrounded by Yantras, Kathas, and sacred symbols, Maharishi’s presence weaves a protective tapestry around those he guides, illuminating their path with the light of spiritual awakening. Above all, his connection to the cosmos, reflected in the constellations above, marks him as a cosmic navigator, deeply connected to all sentient beings.

Every Sacred Symbol, every Yantra, and every Sacred Tattoo, according to Maharishi Samrej Alokadhyana, is a step closer to enlightenment, offering an opportunity to transcend the mundane. His story, a call to navigate the complexities of karma and destiny, invites seekers to discover the transformative power of sacred art and the profound wisdom of a true master, bridging the human with the divine through the sacred art of tattooing. 


Do you feel that your home is missing an eye-catching, yet practical design element? Solve this problem with a soft silk touch throw blanket that's ideal for lounging on the couch during chilly evenings.

• 100% polyester
• Soft silk touch fabric
• Printing on one side
• White reverse side
• Machine-washable
• Hypoallergenic
• Flame retardant
• Blank product sourced from China