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Tongdrol - Liberation By Sight

Matboard, Mixed Media, 32"x40"(82cm*102cm)

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Improving Awareness, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Confidence, Acceptance, Intuition, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Harmony, and Concentration in Meditative Practices.

The Artwork:

In the creation of Buddhist Sacred art, correct measurements are of the upmost importance, thus the use of Sacred Geometry. These grids were developed over many centuries from both Sutra and Tantra traditions. A person who sees a perfect Buddha is said to have the seed of Enlightenment placed in their heart. In Tibetan tradition, this is called Tongdrol, or “Liberation by Sight.” 

In this Artwork you see Shakyamuni Buddha's perfect body proportions while standing as well as while sitting in the attitude of The Bhumisparsa Mudra or, “The Gesture of Witness.” This plays an important role in the history of the historical Buddha. While Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree, he was disturbed by Mara, the god of sensual desire, who tempted him by taking the form of a naked girl. But Siddhartha would not deviate from his path to enlightenment, and so he touched the earth with the fingertips of his right hand and said, “the earth shall be my witness, I will not let myself be seduced.”  

This Sacred Artwork has been presented in The Tongdrol Exhibition in Los Angeles, CA in 2019. 

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