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Master Svietliy was set on his spiritual path at an early age. For many years he has been deeply studying sacred symbolism, sacred art, religion, culture, and philosophy.

During this time, he closely communicates and interacts with the strongest spiritual people from all around the globe; Monks, Yoga Gurus, Chakra Healers, Shamans, Healers, and Elders.

Master Svietliy practices and teaches both yoga and deep meditations as a part of walking his spiritual path. This helps him stay connected to life and higher consciousness.

Living a high vibrational life, he is vegan and abstains from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. Spiritual cleansing is a daily priority and practice.

Master Svietliy is the only person who was blessed and initiated by Buddhist Monk Ajan Toi, making him the only person in the world who can perform Sak Yant tattoo ceremonies in that lineage. He began performing Sak Yant at the Buddhist temple in Thailand and was there for several years before bringing the art and ceremony to the United States.

His time and connection with blessed and insightful gurus allows for an outpouring of inspiration and wisdom on a daily basis. Svietliy learns from the mysteries of the universe as he interacts and communicates with it through his extensive knowledge of sacred symbols. This is how he forms and shares through the power of intention to help people grow and heal.

Master Svietliy shares his knowledge through teachings and sacred ceremonies.

He is far more than a tattoo artist - he is the greatest Sacred Symbolism Master of our time. Svietliy helps people to return to their source through sacred symbols, mindfulness and unconditional love.

Master Svietliy has a truly transformational power about him.

His presence is palpable. This is more than a simple tattoo appointment. Svietliy channels and directs sacred healing into all of his work. Your Sak Yant Tattoo ceremony is a catalyst for change and growth. It has the power to change the course of your life as it connects you to higher consciousness and universal love.

Svietliy is one of the worlds most known ajarns who has been working with thousands of people including Carmit Smith, Hannah Haller, Alex Kaufmann, Dustin Watton, Aubry Wiltcher and many many more.



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